Psalm 119:37 “Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity, and quicken thou me in Thy way.”


Dear Visitor,

It is the wish of the Lethbridge consistory and the Modern Media Committee that the Lord may work the tender fear of His holy Name in the hearts of parents and children that thereby He may keep us from the slippery slopes of world conformity and the misuse of technology.  We hope the guidelines and tips on this website may help you make decisions regarding technology use based on biblical principles.

Read the consistory’s letter to the congregation.


Psalm 119:4 “Thou hast commanded us to keep Thy precepts diligently”

Device Filtering and Monitoring

Reduce internet dangers and technology over-use by installing filtering and monitoring controls on your computers and mobile devices.

Become Tech-Savvy

Learn about the technology we use every day, so you can teach yourself and others how to use it safely.

News on Digital Dangers

Latest information on apps, trends and what to watch for to ensure you are educated on what is available to your family.

Upcoming Events

Stay up to date on events related to technology, its influence on our society and how we can best deal with it.