Involve Others

Accountability is the ability to give an account of yourself to another person or persons.  Someone to whom you have to explain your behaviour and actions, which will make you more carefully consider what you are doing.  It can help you avoid traps and pitfalls you cannot or will not see yourself.  Accountability, with the right partner, allows you to be counselled as you converse together, where you can listen to the perspective of others, discern faults, recognize triggers and correct your choices and actions.

When you become vulnerable to others about your struggle, you will learn that pornography is a common problem. Your situation is not unique. Others deal with this issue and can identify with you. They can also show you what has helped them.

Maintain or Rebuild Relationships

Accountability encourages open and honest communcation.  By living transparently  and sharing reports of your device usage it can help you tell the whole truth.  You can prove each day by showing healthy behaviour and if you are in the vice of porn addiction you can demonstrate a changed behaviour.

A level of trust can also be maintained.  It may be that your son or daughter is just entering the work force or has a drivers license and requires a smartphone.  Or your spouse is working outside the home and travels a lot.  Accountability software encourages self-control and allows you to commit to healthy behaviour.