Protect yourself with a filter.

With most kids today, it is getting harder and harder each day to keep them off the Internet, whether it is for school or play.  And like most parents, we don’t want our kids to come across anything they shouldn’t — like porn — while they are on the Internet.

There are tons of internet filters available today and while most filters cost about the same per month, the most significant difference can be found in their feature set and ease of use.

There are also different ways of implementing a filter and we recommend using at least two or more of these methods to protect yourself and your kids.

DNS Filters

DNS Filters are typically implemented on your router/firewall and filter any device connected to the network.  While not 100% effective, it goes a long way in preventing explicit material from getting into your home.  Popular DNS filters are:


Native Filters

Parental controls can be found on your PC, iPhones and Androids natively and are a great way to filter, limit screen time and provide app availability per device or account.


Device Filters

Protect yourself and your kids outside of the home with a device filter.  These filters can block access to websites, email, chat and other internet-based communications depending on category, site or content.

Below is a list of filters the Modern Media Committee has tried and recommends.

Tried and Tested Filters:

Net Nanny
Covenant Eyes
Meet Circle
Adam Networks

There have been reports in our community that Circle has been slowing down internet speed.  To troubleshoot your Circle click here.