Can a filter block all bad and dangerous content from the internet?

Internet filters are a tool to help you and your family to be safe. No internet filter is a 100% safe guard to bad and dangerous content. For a thorough internet filter, the white listing of allowable websites is your best option. White listing means, that only the websites on the ‘white’ list are accessible for the users. White lists can be created by you as the owner of the internet router or be uploaded from a third party.

Any other way of filtering is done by a website scoring system. Many new websites are added every day and therefore, although scoring is a responsible way of internet filtering, it will never be a ‘catch all’ solution.

The continual changes on the internet will ask for a daily commitment to adjust filters and monitor usage. Visit our resource page to choose a filter.

How can we contact the Modern Media Committee?

The easiest way to contact us is by filling in your request on the Contact Page.  If you are in need of specific help, please contact one of the consistory members.

How do I know which filter is best for myself and my family?

This is not a simple answer as it is “situation specific” for each user or family. Although we can provide you with recommended products, you will ultimately need to research and become familiar with the options to best fit your needs and circumstances.

Internet filters on digital devices is changing every day. Filtering of any device (mobile or in-home) is a must-have.  Here are our filtering experiences.

Is there a good filter for mobile phones?

There are various options for accountability and/or filtering of mobile devices. Detailed information can be found at our suggested filter page.

How can I receive help for my addiction or when a loved one is struggling with addiction?

We are glad you are visiting our website for help for your addiction. May the Lord guide you and help you to overcome your addiction. Professional help is perhaps needed, which we can not supply on this website, but a consistory member could assist you in the right direction.

Alternatively you may also read the blog which the people at Covenant Eyes put together: Even though we cannot endorse all of the religious content, the love and devotion to help fellow human-beings is highly recommended.

How do I protect visitors using my WIFI connection?

It is obviously recommended to have a filter on the WIFI router in your home and make sure that the router is password protected. This prevents visitors to enter the unfiltered internet. To our knowledge, the only commercial product that regulates WiFi protection and settings for individual devices is DNSThingy.

My child is about to buy a phone - what should I consider before that step?

Here are some practical tips on what to consider before your child receives their first phone:

PDF Download: Practical Tips

Contract Download: Teen Cell Phone Contract

Open DNS and DNSthingy are filters mentioned on the filter page. Which of these two would you recommend to use, or do we need both?

Open DNS and DNS Thingy are similar in the way they work: filtering your home router. In short, you would be able to use either one. Open DNS is free but has limited functionality and works on the ‘blacklisting’ principle. DNS Thingy works on blacklisting but also has the capacity to create a white list. DNS Thingy also monitors (and let you create) individual settings for all devices.

For a tutorial on OpenDNS:
For a tutorial on DNS Thingy:

The other category we advise to filter is the individual devices when they are living your filtered home router environment. Read our blog post for more details:

When I click on links in my email nothing happens, why?

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow a third-party browser (including Net Nanny, Qustodio and Covenant Eyes) to open when you click hyperlinks within emails, texts, or apps. Instead, you must copy the hyperlink URL and paste it into the safe browser address bar. You can copy any hyperlink URL by long tapping on the link and then select “copy.” Then within the safe browser, long tap on the address bar and select “paste.”

Apple has established this limitation for all browsers except Safari. To ensure a safe internet environment, the use of the Safari browser (Default on an Apple device) needs to be disabled in the settings menu and locked behind a password. This password should be shared with your accountability partners and be unknown to the user of the Apple devices.


Now you can set up your iPhone to automatically open all links in Covenant Eyes!

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest version of our browser app.
  2. Disable Safari under “Restrictions” (it’s under “General” in the “Settings” app).
  3. Click a link and you’ll have the option to open it directly in Covenant Eyes.

It’s that simple!

Will there be events organized about these topics in the school or church?

The intent of the Lethbridge Modern Media committee is to organize informational evenings or workshops in the near future. Can we count on your input by forwarding some topic suggestions to us? Please use the contact form to describe your suggestions.

Why is this website closed on Sunday? How can a business close the website/ E-store to avoid transactions on Sunday?

As a Modern Media Committee, we feel that the Sunday is not given to browse the internet, and therefore we close our website on the Lord’s Day. Visitors on Sunday will be sent to the following page:

Businesses can easily add a plugin to their website to avoid visitors and shoppers from making interactions on Sunday. Resources can be found at Sunday plugin — WordPress