Facebook – Protect Young Eyes

Feb 26, 2018 | Filtering

What parents need to know – although we do not endorse the suggested age for beginners, nor feel it is necessarily a good social media training platform, this site does provide good warnings and reminders for parents. Be aware that there is no such thing as privacy on the web! And there is the ever prevalent danger of exposure to pornography.

“there are also endless numbers of inappropriate people, photos, pages, and apps that can be accessed through Facebook with a simple search. Actual pornography isn’t in plain sight but can be found with a savvy search (mostly by clicking through “likes” of random people).”

Not only is the saying true that ‘if you look hard enough you will find it’, but users can also access unfiltered internet searches through Facebook.  “The major search engines have a company page on Facebook, and also have their URL’s on the company pages. Through these URL’s in Facebook, e.g., www.google.com, users have unfiltered access to the web. Parents must be aware of this.”