Google Hangouts and Our Youth

Jan 30, 2018 | Parents, Tech Guides

The Google Hangouts App has been rather popular for our youngsters who do not have a cell phone but have access to a computer which is connected to the internet. They use this platform to message each other (or up to 150 people in a group!) about homework and ‘fun-stuff’.

The team at Protect Young Eyes have rated this App as relatively safe to communicate as long as the privacy settings are correct.

If the user hasn’t set privacy correctly, then strangers can contact users directly. A parent review stated her son was being contacted by a person requesting pictures of him, but this is due to her son not having privacy set correctly.

Parents, do we know what is being communicated and shared? We realize that this method of communication is adapted easy and replaces the being on the phone or sending emails. But let us keep communication lines open within our families: what is shared, what is communicated, what is erased after sending or receiving?

A complete review and guidance on proper settings can be found on the Protect Young Eyes website by clicking the link below.