Immoral Texting

Oct 27, 2018 | Kids, Parents

Today’s teens are always connected, living their lives online and in the public eye. They do not live in an age of “pick up the phone and call”, but more quickly message their friends instead of calling. Teens do not always make the wisest choices about what they are posting, sharing or texting. As a result, they overstep boundaries without thinking of the consequences. Sexting — when a sexually explicit message or photograph is sent — is an example of how one impulsive decision can affect their lives for years to come. It is important for parents to understand these dangers in order to address them properly.

Is this something that happens among our young people? The harsh and shocking reality is that many of you have been or will be exposed to this type of communication. The following Insight Into article addresses these concerns.

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September/October 2016 Insight Into