Dear Member of the Congregation,

It is the wish of your consistory and the Modern Media Committee that the Lord may work the tender fear of His holy Name in the hearts of parents and children that thereby He may keep us from the slippery slopes of world conformity and the misuse of technology. We hope the guidelines and tips on this website may help you make decisions regarding technology use based on biblical principles.

To the Youth,

If we look at the letters ‘WWW’ … there probably is not one young person in our churches today that does not know what these three letters stand for. Let’s think about those three letters for a moment. World Wide Web. What is a web? Does not the idea of a spider sometimes come to mind? What is the purpose of a web? Spiders spin webs to catch unsuspecting prey. Do we say too much to suggest that the World Wide Web is also spun by masterful hands to catch unsuspecting human prey? Think about it. If we imagine for a moment the devil spinning this giant World Wide Web, we can readily understand from God’s Word, that the devil’s purpose with this web is to entangle the souls of human beings in such a way that they can no longer disentangle themselves. The devil tempts many unsuspecting people in our churches with hellish dainties and succeeds in trapping them in a web of evil, whether it be pornography, online games, music, movies, etc. etc. Just as it is nearly impossible for a helpless insect to extricate itself from a spider’s web, despite mighty efforts, so it is nearly impossible for people trapped in some evil of the world wide web to claw their way back out. In many cases, it takes the same power that delivered Christian and Hopeful from the net of the Flatterer in Pilgrim’s Progress – the grace of the Almighty God, to destroy the power of the world wide web that ensnared a young person with a baptized forehead.

With the interest of your never dying souls in mind, we plead with our people to cry mightily to God to spare them from being trapped in the evils that abound on the internet. We understand that there are many proper and legitimate uses of the internet, but it is essential to be aware of its many dangers. May you with God’s help resolve as David in Psalm 101 verse 3: “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.”

Your Consistory