My 8 Year Old

Sep 27, 2017 | Parents, Pornography

Alana Schipper, a member of NRC Lethbridge, shared a blog post with us which highlights how important it is to establish family values and open communication with your children. Our children are being exposed to the filth of this world at an early age and the best course of action is to equip and empower them to make good choices.

Rawan Shrum shares her initial shock and their parental guidance after her 8 year old was exposed to improper images from an older neighbour boy.

“I can honestly say, regardless of their worldview or belief system, we share a common goal in protecting our children.”

Every parent has a responsibility to know what is out there and how to communicate this to our children. May we, as members of a Christian church, be given prayerfully to discuss these matters for and with our children.