Say NO!

Jan 30, 2018 | Editorial

The author of this booklet gives practical tips and guidance about fleeing temptation and seeking the help of others in the struggle against sin; ultimately, he directs the reader to the only hope for man – true repentance and grace through Jesus Christ.

“Next time you feel the urge to look, remember the fact that each human body is made to be a temple. Not only your body, but also that body on the screen is meant to be consecrated to God. Even though the temple is ruined, polluted, dirty, or immoral, it can be rebuilt to be a temple for the Holy Ghost. This is how God intended the body to be.”

Although it may seem to be a hopeless battle, realize that you are not alone. Do not isolate yourself, but seek the help of a loved one, a family member, or trusted friend. Seek forgiveness and hope at the hand of the Lord.