How Young Kids are Getting Addicted

If you think your child is spending too much time in front of their screens and worry that they may be addicted to technology, trust your instinct. “It is important to remind ourselves that the tech geniuses that create technology platforms, games, interactive experiences, streaming services, and apps are also gifted marketers. Before releasing their…

Texting at Night Affects Teens’ Sleep, Academic Performance

As we all know, teenagers today communicate regularly by texting or with the use of texting apps. This communication happens during the day, but also late or during the night. Do we know what is being communicated at these hours of the day?

Professor Ming in New Jersey has done research on texting after the lights are out and what effect this has on school performance. She quotes: “Students who turned off their devices or who messaged for less than 30 minutes after lights out performed significantly better in school than those who messaged for more than 30 minutes after lights out.”

While there are many moral reasons why parents need to keep their childrens’ phones out of bedrooms, this article from Rutgers Today sheds new light on a practical reason why parents need to remain in charge.