The horror stories are real. Don’t give your children a smartphone.

Feb 27, 2017 | Kids, Pornography

Does your child or teenager really need a cell phone? Are there dangers of providing a smart phone device? Jonathon Van Maren shares the following:

“ I sometimes wish my current phone didn’t have Internet either, because I’m as guilty as the rest of this generation of wasting time on my phone when I could be doing something – or anything, really – more productive. But when teenagers need a phone, they still don’t need a phone with Internet access. A phone that allows them to make phone calls and text is good enough. They don’t need nonstop social media connection, they don’t need SnapChat (a “sexting” app that destroys photos in seconds), and they absolutely should not have access to the twisted pornography that they will almost inevitably find.”

Parents, please reconsider choices made for mobile devices based on the dangers of modern media!