Twelve Ways Your Phone is Changing You

Feb 23, 2019 | Kids, Parents, Pornography

It’s time that we took a good look at ourselves and reclaimed the use of our phones for good purposes. The always available distraction keeps us from more meaningful relationships. Instead, “we are becoming something like peacocks, preening and arranging our personas for the admiration of an online audience.” While many people think they can view “secret online vices” like pornography without others knowing about it, yet nothing is hidden from the eyes of God, and the consequences of addicting yourself to such vices are too awful to contemplate.

Read about these, and other concerns from a man who has thought long and hard about the implications of what we are doing. I’d suggest, along with Tony Reinke, that it’s high time to take a close look at our uses of our smartphones. Are they changing us? Yes, and in ways that we might not realize.